About Us

Welcome to Chennai Waterproofing Company based on Chennai. Your one-stop solution for all your residential, commercial and industrial building leakage & maintenance needs. Offering a wide range of services designed to meet the specific requirements of the waterproofing & pest control. Chennai Waterproofing is home to a team of specialised maintenance experts, which prides itself on punctuality, efficiency and professionalism.

We are specialise in building waterproofing, pest control and interior & exteriors painting services. Our portfolio includes some of the residental & industrial building.

Our technical team in the field are highly trained professionals specializing in the application of waterproofing products, building restoration, as well as roof repair and replacements.

Waterpoofing Service

Terrace Waterproofing

  • Chemical waterproofing process
  • Bitumen / Membrane waterproofing process
  • Tile joint chemical packing
  • Heat resistance chemical waterproofing coating

Water Tank Waterproofing

  • Water base epoxy chemical coating
  • Oil base epoxy chemical coating
  • Tile joint epoxy chemical packing

Side Wall Waterproofing

  • All building crack chemical treatment
  • Sidewall waterproofing chemical coating
  • Exterior wall waterproofing chemical painting

Expand Joint Waterproofing

  • Waterproofing chemical packing
  • Bitumen / Membrane waterproofing treatment

Bathroom Waterproofing

  • Tile joint area epoxy pointing
  • Sunkun area chemical coating &
    Chemical plastering
  • Sunkun area cleaning
  • Spout pipe fixing

Sump Waterproofing

  • Damp waterproofing treatment
  • New sump area grouting treatment
  • Water base epoxy chemical coating
  • Oil base epoxy chemical coating
  • Tile joint epoxy chemical packing

Pest Control

Termite Control Treatment

  • Drill-fill-seal technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement.

Cockroach Control Treatment

  • Chemical is applied at the most suspected areas like wall cracks, crevices, holes in electrical appliances, etc.

Ant Control Treatment

  • For red and black ant control, an odourless liquid is put as a spot spray.

Bed Bug

  • Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs and inject the areas with advanced chemicals. These ensuring complete treatment against bed bug.